International Journal of Computer Networks and Applications (IJCNA)

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International Journal of Computer Networks and Applications (IJCNA)

International Journal of Computer Networks and Applications (IJCNA)

Published By EverScience Publications

ISSN : 2395-0455

Textual Data Hiding in Digital Images Using Chaotic Maps

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Vipul Sharma, Roohie Naaz Mir

Vipul Sharma[1]

Roohie Naaz Mir[2]

[1]Research Scholar, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Srinagar, India

[2]Department of Computer Science & Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Srinagar, India


In this research paper another methodology for covering up literary information in computerized hued pictures has been proposed. Digital colored pictures will simply be used as a canopy media in steganography as a result of numerous deficiencies rumored in sensory system of mortals. In the proposed system we have utilized two non-subordinate disordered arrangement, for distinguishing the fundamental pixel positions where the bits relating to the mystery message must be inserted in the computerized cover picture. For implanting the message bits in the clamorously chosen pixels a 3-3-2 Least Significant Bit (LSB) addition strategy has been utilized. The proposed technique also provides a sufficient level of security because of the fact that same series of chaotically generated pixel locations for embedding the message bits is very difficult to be reproduced, till and unless the initial conditions of the 2 chaotic maps used for pixel selection method are well known. Additionally, the arranged method gives higher leads as far as PSNR (Peak Signal to noise ratio) and MSE (Mean squared error) values when contrasted, with optional existing strategies, subsequently guaranteeing that meddlers won't have any doubt that there is a message covered up inside the sent cover picture.

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Chaotic Maps

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